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How to Be an Artist for Life

on June 13, 2010 - 8:36am

Robert Genn was asked what his advice would be for someone who wanted to make a decent living as an artist. Here are the ideas he offered as an answer:

  • Know that others have gone where you wish to go.
  • Put "getting good" ahead of "making a living."
  • Learn to be alone and to be your own best critic.
  • Cut back on impedimenta and outside distractions.
  • Work more hours than the average factory worker.
  • Notice interesting directions and go there again.
  • Become a perpetual student of your own progress.
  • Don't expect too much help from anyone or anything.
  • Stick to your vision, but don't fear change.
  • Do not be adverse to developing skills.
  • Know that raising standards has to be chronic.
  • Know that marketing is easier when you have quality
  • Be curious about everything, including how you turn out.
  • If you fall in love, accept the gift, surrender.

Thriving is all about self-education. 'Go to your room,' is my advice that has had the most significant effect. Funnily, all kinds of would-be lifers somehow neglect to do just that.

I thought I would share these for people who simply want to know how they can become a better artist. Many of the points ring true for me, and also reinforced my own beliefs on the subject.


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