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The Hilarious House of com?

on July 18, 2008 - 4:45pm

Collection of images from the showIf you were a kid growing up in Canada after 1970, chances are you can recognize the images shown here. 'The Hilarious House of Frightenstein' was a little show produced in Hamilton, Ontario. It did get some American exposure but it certainly wasn't as widespread south of the border. Frightenstrein was the brainchild of Billy Van who played almost all of the characters that appeared in the show.

Personally, I liked to watch Grizzelda the Ghastly Gourmet, and felt bad every time Igor was denied a new pet. I'd wait for the Gorilla sketch to see it get pelted with ping-pong balls in new and creative ways.

But I think if we took a vote amongst the masses, the memorable segment of the show was when Van would dress up as the Wolfman and spin some music while Igor danced in front of a blue screen with psychedelic colours projected on it. When the show was rebroadcast years later, they changed the music that was originally played because they didn't have the money for the royalties. In the long list of hits that were used on the original, you'll find four songs from the Rolling Stones, three from the Beatles, and one from the Kinks; these alone would be enough to break the bank nowadays on what was an extremely low-budget production.

But take heart! You can buy the entire first season online with all the original music. They have yet to release the second season on DVD, which may give proof to the rumour that the master tapes were destroyed after 'Showcase' ran it in 1997.

And now, you can go to to relive it all, learn all about the cast and history of the show, watch some episodes, and generally find anything having to do with this cult classic.

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