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Perhaps it's because of the recent rebirth of backwater/middle of nowhere movies like 'The Hills Have Eyes' but this theme has been making the rounds lately: Hillbillies from hell. Almost all of the following ideas need to be credited to Tallula G and her "Hellbilly Haunted Hootenany & Body-Q" theme.

  • Cannning jars for cups
  • Scary scarecrows
  • Hay bales for seating with blankets splashed with red paint for blood
  • Human head on a plaque (a la deer hunting trophy
  • Clothes line with bloody sheets, overalls and body parts hung on it
  • Moonshine barrel/still from hell (coloured light and fog machine inside)
  • Picture Board for guests to stick their head through and take their pictures as Undead American Gothic
  • skeleton on a target with hunting bows in him
  • Bbq with body parts cooking (over red lights for flames)
  • Have a Chili cook off or King and Queen of the Trailer Park
  • Skeleton playing the banjo
  • Zombie sheriff