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Headless Figures & Monkey Pictures

on March 12, 2012 - 11:42am

Having a puppy with the giardia parasite has convinced me that man will be wiped out by parasites, who are secretly the ultimate evil. The last week has been like zombie outbreak training. Everything must be sanitized in order to prevent spread of infection. Even if the antibiotics kill off the parasite in her system, she is at risk for reinfection (and infecting us) each time she goes outside in the backyard where she's gone to the bathroom. The only thing that kills these buggers is bleach. The protocol is a protective sheet at the back door. Shoes stay here. She's picked up off the ground and we clean her paws with baby wipes before being allowed back into the kitchen. Bedding is covered in towels which are washed daily (along with toys, bowls, and anything else she comes into contact with). Hands are washed so often, both Yetch and I have scaly hands (I had a rash for a while). When she goes to the bathroom, we pick it up immediately and pour a bleach mixture on the spot. 

Needless to say, it's exhausting and time-consuming. 

I've been able to find time to start some bodies for new creations and hope to get at more creating now that I have a system down. I'm hoping to make some more today.

I'm also waiting to hear from the vet regarding Monkey Boo's latest stool test. We're hoping for good news of no traces of the parasite. Of course, it doesn't guarantee she's clear...and I need to treat parts of the backyard with lime sulphur (which apparently changes the pH levels of the ground enough to become an inhospitable place for any parasite cysts in the soil). But that's tomorrow's plan.

As for how she's doing otherwise? She's put on some good healthy weight and is finally starting to look more like a Boston Terrier. As you can see from the early picture of her gnawing on a bone, to a picture taken today in her fancy new sweater (who knew dogs could get so cold), she's done a lot of growing. Her coat is improving as well which gives us hope we're well on our way to recovery. 

As well, I'm sure getting a care package in mail from my friend Cooter, Nancy & their gang has helped too. I did get a good chuckle out of the fact that the package was addressed to Ghoul Friday, Yetch & Monkey Boo. I wonder what the border agents thought. 

A big thanks to them for the package, and also thanks to everyone who has tolerated my inane puppy tweets these past two weeks or so. 

This afternoon's plan is wait for a package containing some dog-friendly supplements to help this little girl get back to full strength and trying to build more creatures...and play zombie infection. 

Hope all is well out there in the world for all of you. I'm hoping to join the regular land of the living once she gets a clean bill of health and can safely be around other dogs without fear of spreading the parasite. 

Come on vet! Call me with some good news!


halloween spirit's picture

I've just been catching up with my neglected blog-reading and I arrived at your puppy tales. Congrats on your new addition! Hope she's feeling better soon. She looks adorable. Even if she's called "Monkey Boo". ;O)

Ghoul Friday's picture

Hey ;) I've been trying to find time to catch up on all the blogs I've missed to. Hopefully with the parasite regime relaxing a bit, I'll have more time to read. She's certainly feeling better and living up to the name of Monkey with all her renewed energy!

KingUnicorn's picture

So glad you both were able to bring this little sweetie home. She looks like she's adjusting well to her new abode. Of course, fashionable clothes and a fancy bone to play with always help.

And I'm excited to see new bodies taking shape. It's time for the world to have another invasion of your monstercraft. I hope this means we've got a long year of new beasties to look forward to!


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