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Haunted House Mystery Bank

on October 20, 2012 - 10:47pm

I'm not sure where the original ad came from (I spotted it on a Tumblr account), but I love the description.

You put your coin on the step of the house and "With a groan and a rattle, the house lights up - spookily - and the door slowly opens. The Horror Hand sneaks out of the doorway and snatches the coin back in! "


Best part? The money back guarantee. As if I wouldn't be satisfied!

Of course, I wonder what it actually looked like. The artist rendition is lovely but I get the sense the bank itself may not have been so detailed.

Let's pretend it was. 

This would have helped me save as a child. 

Heck, this would help me save as an adult. 

And shudder, apparently.


Ghoul Friday's picture

Didn't find the one with a hand, but here's one with a ghost figure

Alison's picture

I have a feeling it was like those grow your own seahorses ads you used to see on the back pages of comic books when we were growing up.

Melissa's picture

Here is a video of the bank working: (awesome!)
(sorry if this ends up posting twice--but it doesn't look like it worked the first time)

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