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Happy New Year

on December 31, 2009 - 8:22am

Was looking for the perfect image to celebrate New Years and found The Zombie's First Love by Justin Reed. I'd come across a few images that had potential, but they were all disqualified because the bloggers didn't post who the artist was. Not only were the images not sourced, but when I tried to track down a specific illustration that is common around the net, I saw that it was being sold on zazzle (or another made-on-demand site) on merchandise by someone who obviously wasn't the artist (there were a number of images, all different styles, being sold).

The bloggers I follow are really diligent about giving credit for images that are created by others (or they state they don't know where the image came from). To anyone who reads my blog, who posts the artwork of others without providing a link back to the original source, I ask that it be your New Year's resolution to change that habit.

You see, while it's not life-ending if one person posts an image innocently without giving credit, what happens (as it did with the earlier mentioned illustration) is that someone sees it on your blog and then uses it. And if it's popular, loads of people use it and suddenly everyone thinks it's public property because everyone has it, so they can do what they want with it. Even sell it.

I didn't intend to use this New Year's post as a soap box speech on stolen art, but having spent over an hour trying to match artists with their work, I couldn't help it.

A good tip is to name the image when you save it, using the artist's name and/or the title of the piece. People who steal work from others are generally lazy and won't change the title. At least this way if someone posts it, the info is in the source (and yes, people - like me - check the metadata / source info on pictures to see if I can get leads on the artist that way. Sadly, systems like automatically change the file info which I think is a major flaw).

Alright. Enough on that.

Have a safe and happy New Year. I'll be in my pajamas with Yetch and 2 old friends, eating take out in my living room by the fireplace. I've also made a huge container of homemade caramel corn. We're all set.

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