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Happy Halloween 2011

on October 31, 2011 - 12:48pm

Jack O'Lantern Mouse House

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Though reports of ice and snow storms are top stories for haunters on the east coast, Toronto is all blue skies and sunshine. 

I hope those shivering without power are safe and still finding ways to enjoy the day despite terrible conditions. 

As for me, I finally had a moment to carve this year's pumpkin. Decided to do something different from my usual styles and I think this mouse house is pretty cute (real mice need not apply). 

Not sure what the plan is for the day. It's lunchtime and I have yet to get out of my pajamas (which has made this whole day so far feel a bit like Christmas morning for me, and isn't that a nice thing?). 

The book I ordered for October reading at the start of the month arrived today. So much for leisurely reading this last month, slowly getting into the spirit of the holiday. But I'm still pleased to have it. Now I can thumb my way through some Poe, Lovecraft, Straub, Sir Walter Scott, Bradbury and a load of other authors perfectly designed for Halloween reading. 

Enjoy the holiday. Keep creepin'.


Alison's picture

Love your jack! It's been a lazy kind of day here too. I like a relaxed Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Kelly's picture

Have a great day GF! Glad to hear you don't have the bad weather, it is beautilful in West Tn!

KingUnicorn's picture

As always, thanks for being such a consistent and inspiring champion of Halloween. Your efforts here always help drive the magic of the season up to the very last moment and ease the long wait until the next season arrives.

I hope today passed with all the wonder and excitement that you wish for and that your posts throughout the day helped those who were forced to cancel their plans find some spooky thrills! Cheers!

Ghoul Friday's picture

And I hope you all had a wonderful evening as well. Yetch & I had a lovely evening in by the glow of the jack o'lantern watching cheesy horror movies (and one scary one).

KU: Thanks for such kind words and encouragement. You're a most supportive fiend!

halloween spirit's picture

. . . and even the rain stopped in time for Halloween. It was a wonderful night. Enjoy your belated Halloween reading. Love the mouse house! :)

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