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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2007 - 12:57pm

It's Halloween morning, and I am adding some final touches to the front of the house. To decorate this year, I put all of my large monsters from the party out on the enclosed porch - Bubblehead in his crate, a demon and a hag. They are all looking out the window to the street.

Everyone is walking by, and I comment to my boyfriend Yetch that no one is looking up to take any notice of the evil creatures eyeing them.

A mother and her 2 sons approach our driveway. She is on her cellphone as she pushes her 1 year old in the stroller, and the older brother (about 4 years old) is walking beside the stroller. The baby is the only one who looks up, with wide eyes and a dummy in his mouth. He points his chubby hand toward the house the entire time they pass. His older brother looks at him, but never looks over at the house and the mother takes no notice.

You could just hear the interior monologue in the baby's head: "There! Look over there! What ARE those things? OH I wish I could speak! "

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