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Happy Friday the 13th

on February 13, 2009 - 9:47am

Fri 13 Calendar with Skeleton hand
I was so distracted by the glowing fingers story (see previous post) that I completely forgot to wish you all a Happy Friday the 13th (I should note I nabbed the image to the right from Monsterama: Cute Creeps From Popular Culture who seems to have the same distaste for Valentine's Day as I do).

I ask, what better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with the transformation of Winnie the Pooh into Jason, the homicidal machete-wielding maniac?

Winnie the Pooh as Jason
Found this on Deviant Art
and had a good chuckle. See what too much honey can do? If you check out the creator's gallery, you'll find a load of zombified toys from Mickey Mouse to Hello Kitty and even My Little Pony.

Have a good day folks, and if I don't see you tomorrow, Happy Horrible V-day as well.

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