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Halloween on Facebook: Part 2

on July 11, 2008 - 5:36pm

As mentioned in the last blog post, I've been sorting through the array of groups on Facebook. I thought I would list 4 groups of different categories that may be of interest.

image of a skeleton in a casket

Halloween Home Haunters is my immediate first pick. It's a fairly active group of people with a certain degree of home haunting experience. It's much like being on a forum, only with less members. So far, everyone seems pretty friendly. And as an added bonus, most of them seem to be from southern Ontario, Canada which suits me just fine.

image of a pink hearse

Hearse Drivers of Facebook

has brought together all those who love meatwagons. And not just Halloweeners either. Serious (and not so serious) collectors and owners proudly post pictures of their babies. Take a stroll through their photo gallery. Pink is nice, but I'm a bit partial to a particular blue one.

I really need to buy me one of those.

image of a haunted house

Honourable mention goes to All Things Halloween, ran by some gals from Halifax. Seems like the off season has left only the crickets in the room, but I'm curious to see what it will be like in, oh, September. What I appreciate about this group is that the moderators are putting forth a genuine attempt to connect people with useful websites. And if I can generate some traffic to them from my site, I'll feel like I've stocked up some Halloween karma.

classic movie pic
Last, but not least, is Fans of Hammer Horror, a salute to all those classic British horror flicks including those made by Amicus, Tigon and of course, Hammer Studios. If for nothing else, the place is worth a look for their collection of movie posters and book covers (though I should mention you will need to wade through countless shots of bare-breasted women...which could be an added bonus to some). I've included a small handful of them (posters, not boobies) here.

classic movie pic

classic movie pic

classic movie pic

classic movie pic

classic movie picclassic movie pic

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