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Halloween on Facebook: Part 1

on July 11, 2008 - 3:11pm

cartoon of a large cat opening the door to a trick or treater with a glowing cross between the two of themAh, Facebook. How you entertain me. The following is an overview of my dark journey through the spiralling depths of social networking.

I decided to join Facebook as Ghoul Friday (naturally). So if you are a fellow ghoulie, add me as a friend if you like. You can track which groups I think show possible potential or you can bring a group of interest to my attention (let me know in the friend request that you saw this post).

As of two days ago, there were 533 groups with the word "Halloween" in it. You should know that about 30 of those are actually fronts for a costume shop spammer who has created a collection of their own fake groups and has "commented" (read: pretended to be an innocent group member) on each and every Halloween-related site there is. Shame, shame on you.

The very first group at the top of the search list was a group (at first I thought it was Japanese, but I think it's Chinese) whose title was half in English, half in what I believe are Hanzi characters (*) which read "Oh my God,**Halloween ********". I was stumped since the group was labelled as being spiritual and had Christian links and posts (which made up the only bits of English available).

The picture for the group (seen above) didn't help much, but it did entertain me. Is the cat handing out the holy spirit instead of candy? Or does it possess the talent of blowing smoke-crosses? Further investigation was needed.

cartoon of a chicken and a crying bunny hurling swords at trick or treatersI went into their photo gallery, and to my delight there was an entire collection of Christian anti-Halloween anime-style cartoons (all done by Elmo at Most of them have the same theme: trick or treaters being persecuted by God (or...a religious chicken...?)

Genius. I must see more.

Another had a lion with a menacing pumpkin mask, paws raised in the air as he lunges toward the scattering trick or treaters.

One took place in a church where Jesus was preaching (promotional tour?). On his left were happy little faces. On his right were sobbing little witches and ghosties.

Jesus and a cat banning pumpkin-headed pigs from heavenAnd finally, the picture that really made it all clear for me, this image of Christ (I didn't know Gabriel was a cat) steering the...pumpkin-headed, weeping piggies out of heaven. Oh how I wish I could read what it says.

I was surprised there was an active group from a distant continent who met online and connected with others to share their beliefs under the uniting banner of "Say no to Halloween". I guess Halloween is catching on more around the world and they wanted to nip it in the bud, or perhaps they've taken it upon themselves to save the souls of heretic North Americans (bless their little hearts). More power to them, as long as they keep posting those cartoons.

screenshot of the facebook pageBut my favourite moment on the site came just before I was leaving. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was initially confused by the mission or purpose of the group. While the pictures provided gleeful entertainment for me for quite some time, the one thing that gave me the biggest grin was the single English post on the page, sandwiched between unrecognizable characters, simply reading "I don't get this group".

Me either, Erin.

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