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Halloween in a Box

on October 3, 2011 - 10:44am

As you know, every year I choose a different theme for my Halloween parties. Based on that theme, I assemble a collection of ghoulish goodies to display: some I make from recyclable items you find around the house; some are store bought items that have been given a makeover of some sort.

I've shared with you my work so far this year - the lanterns, the candle skulls, the ingredient jars and the organ specimens.

Now comes the fun part.

The folks from have sent me a box of haunter treats to play with.

Five items, to be exact. And they've arrived.

Two will be getting a simple paint upgrade.

And the other three - including two larger items - will receive more attention as they will be the stars of this year's theme.

What is this year's theme? You know I won't reveal that just yet. I will say it's more like a scene telling the story of a lost soul. And an unfortunate soul.

Throughout the month I'll be posting images of the items as they are transformed, showing the changes made to each item, and eventually revealing how they look in the grand scheme of the Halloween display.

I must say, it was terribly exciting to have two large boxes delivered to my door, contents full of potential and promises of Halloween goodness.

*rubs hands together*

Let's get to work, shall we?


dave the dead's picture

You sure know how to build the suspense....

Ravenswick's picture

You know how to build suspense! Will be patiently waiting for more.....

Kelly's picture

LOVE your ingredient jars and organ specimans!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Dave & Raven: If it all turns out the way I hope it will, then you'll forgive me the suspense ;)

Kelly: Thanks!

halloween spirit's picture

. . . now I'm intrigued.

Pensive's picture

My interest is piqued, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of suspense. thanks for stringing us along! : )

Cooter's picture

... either they packed your yearly supply of fresh brains in leak-proof containers or its something completely different! ;)

Ghoul Friday's picture

...the more suspense I create, the more pressure there is for me to deliver ;)

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