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Give Her Your Heart

on February 12, 2009 - 8:31am

gummy hearts
Still pushing on with my Valentine theme, I decided to explore Valentine ideas when it came to presents: traditional gift ideas with a twist. Where better to do this monitor shopping (my term for window shopping online) than

The first and most obvious choice is candy in a heart-shaped box. These are gummy hearts, and the front of the box reads "My love is pure, my love is true, you can have my heart and eat it too!". *cough*

If she prefers chocolate, then you can get her a chocolate heart instead; a one pound chocolate heart.

While I'm all for candy, I like jewelry even more (probably because Yetch never buys jewelry for me. Say it with me: awwwww, poor Ghoul Friday). Where was I? Ah yes. I really like the skeleton bracelets, and the coffin earrings aren't bad (but my spidey-sense tells me they might turn my earlobes green).

bracelets, chocolate heart and coffin earrings

For the tall, dark and gruesome in your life, I found three items that might make him happy this V-day. The coffin flask is sleek (but might be a fingerprint disaster). I love, love, LOVE the denture ice cube trays (I'd be ok with that instead of jewelry). And finally, the coffin putter.

coffin flask, denture ice cubes, coffin putter

They offered dead roses for purchase as a gift idea: dried roses in a coffin box. Here's some advice, boys. Get her the coffin box and put live roses in it. If she wants them dried, she'll dry them herself.

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