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Ghoul Friday's Halloween Cabinet

on December 5, 2010 - 4:04pm

For years I've wanted a glass cabinet that would protect my art and display my personal collection of items. Thanks to an early Christmas present from ma mere (thanks mom!), all my goodies have a home.

It even has white and orange stripes on the backboard.

With a little creative cutting, I was able to make a hidden opening to run wires through so I could have two of my lamps and a string of lights inside.

The funny thing about it (wasn't funny until about an hour ago when I solved the problem) was one of the main items I wanted protected - the carnivorous plant - didn't fit. I kept trying to be ok with the idea, but finally decided enough was enough, and I pulled out the trusty hacksaw. I always thought the thing was too tall (hey, it was my first plant), and if I end up ruining it, well, that would solve my problem too and I wouldn't have to worry about the darn thing anymore (it hasn't looked right ANYWHERE I put it).

Did you know using a hacksaw on an item you're mad at is therapeutic?

With a little touch up, it all worked out.

Now let me take you on a tour of my cabinet.

Note the jack o'lanterns made by the lovely ShellHawk, and those two little figures - witch and pumpkin - are the children of Dave the Dead. The gourd in the background is from Howling Moon Designs (I was lucky enough to win it one year).

Above you can see the pieces I decided to keep from different collections I made: cabinet, Underbiters, minions, little hooters (the owls) and pumpkins, scarecrow and the first incarnation of the Plague Doctors before I started making them in the style they're done in now.

And of course below are more of my larger creations from the last two years or so.

Now I think I can handle decorating for Christmas.

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