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Ghoul Friday Collections

on October 22, 2010 - 12:02pm

There are so many images of items from my last show that I still haven't posted to the website. I thought I would post pictures I took this morning immediately so they don't get put on the back burner as well. And perhaps it will entice some of you fence-sitters to decide to come out to my show tomorrow!

It's all about miniature sets this time around. First up are the mini jack o'lanterns. People often see my table display and comment on the pumpkin patch I create. So I decided to make 2 tiny pumpkin patches people can take home with them.

As well, I found some new wooden cabinets and had some fun creating creepy versions of them (though I did so many in one round I've burnt myself out on them. Doing a bunch in one stretch has its benefits though. It allows me to experiment and have examples side by side for comparisons instead of relying on pictures).

Sorry for the slight blur of the images. Did a quick and dirty crop job just to give you a glimpse. Plus I wanted to post larger images - with cabinet doors closed AND opened - and I didn't want to have huge images that caused long loading times.

With the exception of the cabinet filled with skulls, all the tiny items on the shelves are made of polymer clay.

Ghoul Friday mini Halloween cabinets

And those little sculptures are little. You could probably stand 2 of the candles on a penny. A couple of the pumpkins on the upper shelves could sit comfortably on a dime.

Ghoul Friday mini Halloween cabinets

People might think that because the figures are small, they are faster to make. On the contrary, I would say it takes longer to sculpt the figures since you're dealing with such fine details.

Ghoul Friday mini Halloween cabinets

Overall, I think they are pretty darn cute. Next year maybe I will experiment with little witches hats and potion bottles. Emphasis on next year.

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