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Gator Heads and Fish Bait

on March 12, 2009 - 10:15am

Pickles cut to look like gatorsHaven't posted noxious nosh in a while so here's a Halloween recipe idea from


6 ounces assorted frozen clam strips, breaded fish pieces or breaded shrimp

3 to 5 drops green food colouring

1 cup tartar sauce

6 (6-inch) bamboo skewers

6 dill pickles

2 pepperoni pieces, cut into 3 strips each

6 to 8 pimiento-stuffed green olives



1. Bake seafood pieces according to package directions.

2. Meanwhile, stir food coloring into tartar sauce in small serving bowl until desired shade is reached; set aside.

3. When seafood pieces are cool enough to handle, thread 3 to 4 pieces onto each skewer. Place on serving platter and keep warm.

4. Cut horizontal slit in each pickle for alligator's mouth. Insert strip of pepperoni to make tongue. Slice olives to make eyes and nostrils; attach to pickle with small amount of mustard. Arrange alligators around fish skewers and serve with tartar sauce.

Personally, I think it would be nice to make your own breaded shrimp. For aesthetics, it would look cooler to serve shrimp cocktail (more like bait).

People don't make their own shrimp cocktail. I've never understood why that is. Homemade is easy and a hundred times tastier. Let me share how I make mine.

Ghoul Friday's Shrimp Cocktail


A pound of uncooked shrimp, defrosted

Juice of 1 lemon or orange

1 bay leaf

handful of whole peppercorns

pinch of salt

1 onion, quartered


1. Bring a medium sized pot of water to a boil. Add all ingredients EXCEPT the shrimp. Cover and simmer 5 minutes.

2. Add in shrimp. Stir and watch for them to change colour. This can happen in as little as 2 minutes.

3. Have a strainer ready. You want to get that shrimp out of the water as soon as they change colour to a nice orange and before they curl up into the shape of a 'C'.

Note: The shrimp will continue to cook a bit even after they are out of the liquid. You DON'T want to run them under cold water because it washes away some of the delicious flavour you've infused in them. You can either create an ice bath (fill a large bowl with ice and cold water, and nestle a smaller glass or stainless steel bowl on top with the shrimp inside) or if you have space, put the strained shrimp inside your freezer for a couple of minutes (don't forget them!).

4. Once cooled, remove everything but the shrimp (this is the time to peel them if they have their shell).

5. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

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