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Flash Animations *shudder* and Pop-ups

on September 11, 2007 - 6:30pm

Hi-ho Halloweeners,

Just wanted to shed some light on the blight of many fright-sites. Websmasters, please. Though having a skull that jabbers its jaw may seem spooky cool, think twice and remember: moderation is key. When you buckshot your website full of flash, you are creating not only an eerie eyesore, but a potential web browser crippler. Those flickering flames, blinking eyes and flapping wings together can cause your visitor's web browser to freeze, and in the worst situations, their computers to seize.

It's hard enough to find decent Halloween websites (and you really have to dig to find the gems). On my old computer, I'd be on page 47 of a Google search list that I'd been sorting through for the past hour, browser tabs tracking my way from the listed sites to the sites they are linked to. I'd have just narrowly escaped Marla's MySpace 'website' entitled "Cat-in-Halloween-Clothes (See all 77 pictures of Brewster in his batman kitty suit!)" when I spotted a link promising to lead to ghoulish treasures. I would open it to find an abundance of flash animations and pop-ups (pop-up ads...oh you nasty little...).

"Program is not responding. Your browser is closing even though this message is pretending to give you the option to cancel this action. Ha ha. Sucker"

Suddenly my mouse wouldn't move.

Oh sweet Jesus.

Control, alt, delete...End task...please end task...end....


Anyone not bookmarked was gone. Even if I got the same Google results a second time, I didn't remember how I had gotten to the good stuff found at the end of countless link trails.

Le sigh.

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