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A Fine Specimen

on July 10, 2011 - 9:02am

Generally speaking, I don't do a lot of gore in my Halloween themes. This year, I need a bit of it for the story I'm going to tell. This was project one of the glass jars (the other plans are much less gross).

What I did was take a few of the jars from yesterday that had been glazed with watery glue. I mixed red and brown paints, watered them down, and mixed them with a touch of glue as well. I poured it into the bottom of the jars and swirled them around.

Then, I dipped my paint brush into the paint mix and splattered it on the insides of the jar.

I took my organs - 2 hearts, a nose, a brain, an ear, lips, fingers, eyeballs, tongue - and painted them as well to give them a more realistic aged look before placing them in the jars.

I wiped away some of the hazy-white coating in places so people could catch a clear glimpse now and then of the items inside.

My original plan was to put lids on them, but since they look better than I anticipated, I might leave them open.

They still need final touches (and maybe I will fancy-up the eyeballs with some veins coming out the back, but that's on the "nice to do" list rather than the "must do" one). And I'll hit them with some super high gloss varnish when they completely dry.

So how do they work into the theme? Well, that's a secret. You'll have to wait until the fall to find out.

As for the rest of the collection of jars - projects that will be more about creepy ambience - I still haven't worked out exactly how I want to go about transforming them.

I can say this: most of the remaining jars will be light sources, involving candles (some real, some LED). Some will be hung, while others will be on tables.

They won't be gory.

I must admit, it did feel good to get all bloody. And to work on props for a party (since I took last year off).

Back to brainstorming, and then I should have some more jar ideas to show you!

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