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The Final Underbiter: Scurge

on July 29, 2010 - 9:47am

I once said that all of the Underbiters were benevolent but mischievous. I have to keep reminding myself of this when I see Scurge, a more paler, sharp-toothed member of the clan.

Too light-skinned to be in the sun (she even avoids bright lighting), Scurge stays in the shadows and dark corners.

She mainly lives in the basement, in the dark and damp, rummaging through boxes and discarded items in storage rooms. She'll chew through cardboard to get at old books that have an intoxicating mildew aroma, sniffing the pages before gnawing on their edges.

She explores the sleeves of old sweaters and runs through the tubing of an old vacuum.

Scurge finds satisfaction in climbing up to darkened light bulbs and knocking them until the filament breaks. When she first encountered the strange, twisting, energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs we're using, she puzzled over them at first. But she decided a light bulb is a light bulb, and treated it as she would any other. When she broke a small hole in the glass of the bulb, and discovered the chemical contents within, it was like she'd found a new nectar; a bonus prize for her work.

She prowls the basement and attic silently on tip toe, sneaking up on any threat or any creature that might want to share in her decaying treasures. Mice, moths, spiders and yes, other Underbiters are not safe if they've stumbled into her territory. She can be quite ruthless even to her own kind.

I don't know much about her beyond that. Honestly, I don't want to. I suspect she may be causing leaks in the house (to encourage spores to grow) but I haven't come up with a plan to stop her.

I do carry an extra bright flash light with me when I go into the basement. Just in case.

Favourite foods include antique paper, fungus, and rotted wood.

Scurge is made of polymer clay and stands 3 inches tall from head to toe.

She has now been added to the Underbiter Gallery with views of her profile.

Scurge has found a new home. Only 1 Underbiter left for adoption.

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