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FanExpo 2014 - The (Unofficial) Dead End in Artist Alley

on August 21, 2014 - 8:57am

This year, Festival of Fear is in the North Building. But that's not where the horror goodness ends.

If you meander through back streets and alleys (Artist Alleys, in this case), eventually you'll come across a Dead End

There's a group of horror artists tucked in the back corner of Artist Alley in the South Building myself included. Be sure to come find us next week.

Personally, I find the easiest way to get to our area is to enter the South Building show floor, turn left until you pass the food court, and turn right down the main aisle before entering Artist Alley.

You'll be able to see my table from the aisle (I am the first table in, A62) and then you'll find Matt Ryan, Paul Ainsworth, Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six, Andrew Barr with Leigh Young, and Sabrina Parolin, along with other artists with a macabre flair. 

I'm almost all packed, which is good because a summer cold has caught hold of me. 

And as promised, I'll be posting pictures of more goodies! I just need to nap and chew some cold medication. 

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