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Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

on October 30, 2008 - 4:40pm

I don't normally post cutesy things on my blog, and I NEVER post random pictures found online (at least not without a backstory), but I had to make an exception with this image. It's called "Weiners on Safari" and you can find the original on the Globe and Mail website, along with more Halloween pet pictures.

I think the zebra looks like a Mexican wrestler costume.

On a related note (newspapers, not pets or wrestlers), yours truly has been interviewed by Patrick White who writes for the Life section of the Globe and Mail (a very large newspaper here in Canada). After stumbling upon my site, he contacted me to have a chat for his upcoming Halloween article on Canadian Haunters - understanding people who go beyond the basics at this time of year.

It was a bit odd to talk about haunting (for an hour) with someone I don't know, who isn't a haunter (or even a Halloweener, necessarily). Though I don't come across as such, I can be very shy when it comes to personal topics. There were a couple of moments where I heard myself talking and thought...hmmm...I hope that doesn't get taken out of context.

I pointed out that there is a difference between horror and haunt conventions, and discussed how haunting is an art form and not just a hobby:

Art is such a subjective thing. People can look at two canvases on the wall. They may like one over the other, but they recognize both as art. When I look at home made props, I see art where others don't.

I touched on the devastation when people thoughtlessly damage or steal props in 20 seconds that someone has spent weeks to build.

I talked about parents who buy all the decorations for their kids, and how they are missing an opportunity to get the kids involved with creative projects they can be proud of by making their own (not to mention missing the chance to spend time with their kids).

I hope I represented the culture well. I also hope he uses the important points - important to haunters who want others to understand our subculture.

I don't know what type of person Patrick (who was very nice, by the way) was expecting to meet, but I don't think he was expecting me.

All will be answered Friday morning, when the article comes out.


Here's the picture used in the paper.

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