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Evil Nursery School

Baby Billy acting strangely? Little Lizzie throwing more extreme tantrums that usual? Perhaps it's the nursery school you're sending them to. This theme was originally suggested by Daddy's Little Corpse and has been expanded by the twisted minds on

  • Corpsified little darlings on swing sets
  • Sandbox with hands reaching up and out
  • A skeleton on the trike
  • Twisted tea party
  • Alphabet blocks that spell out disturbing words
  • Old-fashioned strollers
  • Spooky nursery music
  • Playpen covered with moss and spider webs, red LED eyes peering out, hands reaching through the bars
  • Kid's fort
  • Disturbing meals at 'snack time'
  • Demented care taker (demon? Ghost woman? Corpse?) reading from a big darkly-themed story book
  • A Wall of baby dolls