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Enticing Souls to Hell

on October 19, 2013 - 9:19am

What if Hell took a tradeshow approach to entice souls to choose the fiery pits for their eternal stay? This is what I asked myself when I read a theory that souls actually must choose hell instead of just being cast down (as I was traditionally taught in childhood). 

What could Hell possibly offer that might sway spirits to their side? In a very tongue-in-cheek way, I came up with a list. I thought about not only traditional sin, but items various churches or religious institutions across the Christian bodies have banned or decried sinful.

And I've started to build a basic booth for my Halloween party theme of "Judgment Day: the Last Revival".

First thing is books (as seen in the sample here). I chose Harry Potter, To Kill  A Mockingbird, Astrology, and Darwin's Theories.

Next I played with the idea of recreation: trips to Vegas, Horror Movie Nights, and classic cartoons for the kids (and the kids in all of us). 

What would a promotion for an extended stay be without a sample itinerary? Besides the promise of good music, each day of the week has a theme:

  • Meat, Meat and More Meat Mondays
  • Tattoo Tuesdays
  • Witchcraft & Wizardry Wednesdays
  • Fortune Telling Thursdays
  • Foul Mouth Fridays
  • Same Day Divorce Saturdays
  • Halloween Celebration Sundays 

I was still missing broader concepts. What are things select religious institutions have made us feel is wrong though perhaps not technically a classic sin? I decided to create all inclusive packages. For women: a career, sex drive, revealing outfits and the right to preach in an official capacity. I had more trouble coming up with ideas for men (they seem to be allowed more things), but settled on video games, nakedness, gender bending and all known vices. 

I'm slowly sprinkling the display with other naughty tidbits like cigars, contraceptives, voodoo dolls, a pack of bubble gum cigarettes ("Just Like Dad!") and naturally a whole lot of booze.

Of course somewhere there's the fine print in all this, but you don't need to see that, right?

Still need to sort out the outside of the cabinet. More to come.

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