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End of November Thought

on November 26, 2010 - 11:25am

Snow is falling lightly in Toronto. Many of you south of the border are napping from last night's turkey before noshing on more today. Some of you are feeling the Black Friday shopping craze (which boggles my mind).

We're on the edge of December, and a time when we get swept up in the chaos of life, and sometimes lose sight of our actual goals. I've already caught myself doing it.

I've finally transformed my workspace into a coherent, easy-to-use, (almost) everything-in-one-place, and (thanks to my mother who surprised me with some storage cubes that even have LABELS on the handles) find-it-in-a-moment room for an aspiring artist.

I was even able to finish the commission piece and send off another Christmas order this week.

And still, I found myself a bit anxious this morning. Yes, there's more work for me to accomplish before Christmas, but nothing I can't achieve at a steady pace. I believe I haven't been able to shift gears from warp drive because while I've accomplished a lot, my mind is already worrying about the season: dinner planning, relative visiting, present buying, bill know the drill.

I sat down at the desk, trying to shake this feeling of being overwhelmed by phantom "must do" lists that I can't do anything about right now, and I spotted the framed quote I keep hanging beside my monitor.

It was my great, great Aunt's. I often forget it's there. I've read it a hundred times, but every time I read it, I nod as if I'm learning something new.

So I've snapped the picture above to share it with all of you. I think it's fitting for this time of year before we give in to the madness.

I'll be back next week.

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