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Eliza Gauger: Artist and Fellow Strange Creature

on February 26, 2009 - 11:35am

Eliza Gauger's art - Monk
The plan was to do a quick blog and then get on with the day. If that was my intent, I never should have chosen Eliza Gauger as my subject.

Upon arrival to her website you're greeted with the illusion of an E drive command/shell window secretly acting as her navigation menu.

I wish the command prompt worked because it reminds me of War Operation Plan Response (is a War Games reference too obscure these days?). I'm almost convinced if I type in Global Thermonuclear War the computer will speak to me and ask if I'd rather play a game of chess.

I think I just met my nerd-quota for the day.

Eliza is an artist who dabbles in both oil and acrylic, digital paintings, and photographs. First and foremost she seems to consider herself an illustrator. I use the word seems because trying to find straightforward answers in regard to her personal bio can be challenging, though she is present across the Web.

Eliza Gauger is co-editor for, a "wonder closet of fringe art, culture and ephemera". It's an interesting site bookmarked for further exploration when I have more time to fall down the rabbit hole.

Want more? You can visit her flickr account or do some shopping on Etsy (top marks for reasonably priced pieces. I love accessible art).

And just this morning I realized she has a twitter account.

Eliza Gauger's art - Silver and the Revenant

I am motivated mostly by spite, and the Tantalusian idea that someday, in some obscure way, I will be 'rewarded' for the years of fighting to make space in which to sit and draw. At the moment I write this, I am stuck on standby at the St. Louis airport, on my way to a truly joyful family event. It will be a grand celebration of new life, abiding love, and solid familial ties. And I am dreading it. I am looking up earlier return flights. I am agonizing over being taken away from paints for that long. I am wracked with shoulder-cramping, migraine-coddling irritation.
Art has made me a bad person.

Definitely a strange fellow, which also qualifies her as a fellow strange creature.

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