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Devilish Deals at Dollarama

on September 8, 2011 - 8:57am

I just went for styrofoam balls.

Get in, get supplies, get out. That was the plan when I headed to the local dollar store. Upon entry, I was hit with a siren song of orange and black.

I made two unscheduled purchases. The first were these Halloween themed bags. I'd forgotten to bring my own cloth bags with me (in Toronto, there's a 5 cent charge on plastic bags. It's a deterrent to encourage people to use less of them which I support and have a collection of reusable bags I normally keep in the trunk of my car but forgot that day). So of course, logically, it made sense for me to buy new bags, right?

Besides, these bad boys are huge. 20 inches tall, and slim. I don't have bags like these, never mind Halloween themed ones. Done.

Time to get the styrofoam balls. But what ho? What is that I see, brimming with prop potential?

I have a policy: if it's cheaper to buy something than it is for me to make (in terms of either supplies or time), then I can pick it up. I nabbed 2 of these little skeleton torsos. With a little love, they can be transformed into something rather fun. I haven't decided if they'll be candlestick holders of some sort of decoration for the fireplace. I do know they'll be mounted on a base, and painted. Possibly corpsed.

Even if I don't get to them this year, they are small enough to stow away until next season.

Take that, all you folks south of me who tease us Canadians with Halloween goodies from Dollar Tree. *wink*

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