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**The Devil is in the Details

on September 20, 2011 - 5:16pm

Feeling like your guests haven't fully appreciated the amount of detail you've put into your party atmosphere? Devise questions that deal with your decorations and watch them explore your haunt.

It's simple, really. I created handouts with questions like "List the different types of vermin in the room" and "There are a total of 5 items in the lounge that are often used as weapons. List them". I've created questions that had people checking the labels on prop bottles. Use your imagination.

I gave a general announcement that explained the game and that guests could participate at their leisure (though the first set of correct, complete answers handed in wins). I left the handouts and pens on a table for guests to pick up if they wished to play.

Game Play

  1. Guests can work solo or with a partner (they just have to split the prize if they win).
  2. At their own speed, they walk around the house or haunt (be sure to clearly state which rooms or areas people should be looking in!) and answer the questions.
  3. Once they have handed in their sheet, they have an option to take it back if there is an incorrect answer and no one else has handed in a completed sheet that was perfect.
  4. The person or group who hands in the sheet with all the correct answers wins. If no one hands in a perfect sheet, the group with the most correct answers wins.

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