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Damned Dollies

on July 14, 2008 - 7:10pm

hand painted doll
Based out of Montreal, Dana De Kuyper creates 'Damned Dollies', a collection of plush little ladies who are all a bit off-kilter.

Yetch (my boyfriend) and I saw a stall for her at the recent Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit. I've seen her things before at the Toronto One of A Kind Show (and was disappointed that all the t-shirts were long and slender, meaning I could possibly wear it as a headband or scarf but not an actual shirt). This time, she had simple black and white prints for sale at a very reasonable price. Yetch bought one that showed a doll with a yapping, vicious little razor-mouthed dog in her arms.

You can get the different doll designs on t-shirts, purses, brooches and hoodies as well. They are available in shops across North America or you can simply go to her website and buy them directly from her.

hand painted doll

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