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Crystal Head Vodka

on January 11, 2009 - 7:31am

A hex on Dan Aykroyd. A hex, I say!

In October 2008, the Internet was flooded with buzz about Crystal Head Vodka, a quadruple-distilled, additive-free vodka packaged in an anatomically correct skull bottle created by American landscape painter and portrait artist John Alexander.

Alexander explains the story behind the skull:

I have painted skulls for years in my work. I've been to the Mexican Day of The Dead festivals many times and have always been intrigued by the 13 Crystal Skulls. These artifacts discovered all over the planet, so the legend goes, were each carved from a single quartz crystal. There are seven in man's possession and several bear no discernible tools marks. Technicians at Hewlett Packard concluded most should not exist as they were cut totally against the grain of the original crystal. The Aztec, Mayan and Navajo cultures record evidence that there are enlightening and healing powers associated with these skulls. We thought it would be worthwhile and fun to develop a pure spirit to commemorate the legend and its positive meaning."

So why am I hexing Dan Aykroyd? Because his product is difficult to obtain in Canada. Normally, I wouldn't take this so personally, but Aykroyd is Canadian, this product is made in Canada (in Newfoundland, to be exact), and yet I can't get it at my local liquor store. Nor can I get it directly from the manufacturer unless I want to buy an entire case (and I only know this because fellow Ontario Haunters have fed the information down the pipeline). This would cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $730 CDN since they are $50 US a bottle in the States...where they are available (if not at a local store, then by ordering from local distributors).

At first, it wasn't even available to people in Newfoundland where the product is made. Rumours online say by now it may have/should have been released in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Alberta. Being in Ontario, I can't confirm this. Nor can I find posts online that say ANY Canadians have gotten their hands on it. Perhaps Canadians got sick of waiting for it. Or they felt a bit slighted, like me.

If it comes to Ontario and I see it on the shelf, I might still pick it up. If someone wants to send it to me as a gift, I will accept it (*smiles pretty and bats her eyes*). But I get the sense this will be just another one of those products I'll be living without.

For more information and some really lovely pictures of the product, check out

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