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Creating Faux Wooden Boards with Cardboard

on September 25, 2008 - 1:09pm

Greetings Ghoulies. Just letting you know that there is a new tutorial on painting faux wooden boards on cardboard on the site. It's cheap and simple - anyone, and I mean anyone, can do it.

It's a great alternative to using real wood or, in some cases, styrofoam. Mind you, the same painting technique can be used on pieces of styrofoam (as you'll see in the tutorial).

With this technique, you can create boards for windows, full crates, or simple backgrounds. Cardboard isn't great for any area that is open to the elements (water + cardboard = bad), but inside it's fantastic (and did I mention free?).

Speaking of fantastic, I came across a sign made from foam board that was wonderfully crafted by a haunter in Maryland. Since we're on the topics of tutorials, I'll give you his as well. He was kind enough to share it with me when I asked for details.

Column and boardsDave (most commonly known as asmarteru on some forums) has his own new project website which currently shows plans for his pirate theme.

Dave has been haunting for three years, starting with a simple graveyard lining his 96 foot long driveway. As it happens with most of us, Dave's collection of decorations grew and new additions (some store bought, but mainly homemade) are being added each year; items like this beautiful column made from a sheet of blue foam. And other projects like his pirate sign.

To learn more about how he made the sign, and how Dave carves/paints the foam, check out the tutorial.

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