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Unhappily Ever After

I have to thank the folks on Halloween Forum for this idea. Teams of people on the forum have contributed to this theme idea that celebrates when stories and nursery rhymes don't have a happy ending. Just like the Brother's Grim intended. Ideas include:

  • Lay posterboard on the floor designed to look like the yellow brick road covered in blood drops, perhaps leading to an unhealthy scarecrow
  • The remains of Goldilocks in the bedroom
  • Three large rubber mice, wearing sunglasses, with their tails hacked off and a prop knife nearby
  • A pair of striped stocking legs sticking out of the oven as the witch from Hansel and Gretel.
  • Little Miss Muffet wrapped up in a spiderweb
  • A large, red eyed, angry looking mother goose to greet guests
  • A giant eye looking in the window for the Giant from Jack and the beanstalk. Consider building a beanstalk nearby.
  • One big tombstone for Snow White, and 7 little ones for the dwarfs.
  • Rapunzel's hair hanging from a window
  • hree little pigs, with one rotating on a spit
  • For "Four and Twenty blackbirds baked in a pie", a pie with a fake crow coming out of it
  • Make a leg out of paper mache or wood, and place it in a wood pile so it appears Pinocchio is kindling
  • 6ft tall lollipops for the outside entry (Gingerbread house).

Food ideas:

  • Three Little Pigs in Blankets (mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls)
  • "Eat Me" cupcakes and "Drink Me" test tube shots
  • Snow White's Poisoned Apples ( apple slices with caramel dip)
  • Wicked Witches Fingers - Cookies or Breadsticks
  • Happy Little Bluebird Wings - Buffalo Wings
  • Humpty Dumpty's Parts - Devilled Eggs