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Opening At Dollirium

on May 30, 2013 - 11:31am

This past Sunday I hopped in my car and headed out to London, Ontario, for the opening of "The Home Grown Doll Show" at Dollirium

With my trusty camera in tow, and a friend at my side, I enjoyed a short road trip to a small art gallery showcasing Canadian talent. And that included a few pieces from yours truly. 

There is something very strange about walking into a building and finding your art there. And something comforting about it. It was like having a group of friends waiting for me.

I do love that Pilch - second figure from the left in the banner - is a big toothy ham in a group of some more serious looking faces.

I never know what to do in these sorts of situations. It's one thing to stand behind a table of your work and talk to people. It's another to mill about a crowded space where people might make conversation with you about the work on the wall. 

It feels a lot like being at a party where you don't really know anyone. Since I am an introvert, that can be mildly uncomfortable. I was blessed to have so many things to preoccupy my attention or else I might have gotten twitchy...or in trouble.

At one point a couple were leaned in close to my figures, examining them, discussing them at length. It took all my willpower not to step beside them, my shoulder to theirs, and just start nodding thoughtfully.

I was a good ghoul.

In fact, I even made myself leave the room. When I came back, two of my pieces had sold (apparently to an owner of a Tattoo shop which will be their new home).

I snapped a number of photographs of the current show and pieces still on display from previous ones. My suggestion is to go to the dollirium website to find out information.

Here are names of the artists starting top left:

  • Melanie Ashton
  • Eduardo Espondola
  • Deb Mellor
  • Keely Benkey-Reichman

And now bottom row, left to right:

  • Christophe Goussault
  • Chris Elliot
  • unknown
  • Jacqui Gallant

Last year at FanExpo I bought a copy of Dan Holst Soelberg's book "Eight Pound Fly" for my friend (it's great, by the way. I can recommend picking up any of his illustrated books if you or someone you know likes a bit of twisted/darker humour).

Well, Sara Deck has created a series of sculptures inspired by his stories. They are packed with personality and oodles of fun. Check them out below.

(side note: my new recurring thought this last year has been "I REALLY need to learn how to sew"). 

I know a lot of artists. I know a number of Canadian artists. But I don't get to meet or see a lot of Canadian sculptors who do darker pieces. There is something wonderful about finding peers. It made the event that much more enjoyable for me.

But from a fan perspective, I have to say the highlight was getting to see a piece by Sandra ArtreagA in person. 

Sandra is from Spain, and I have ogled her work from afar for a while now. I never expected to see any of her work in person, but there it was: Brainheart.

It's not my favourite piece, but it's still gorgeous, and to see all the delicious tiny details in person was just fantastic. 

There was another figure hanging partially in front of it, casting a shadow over its face. I think I gasped loudly and thought "Sacrilege!". This figure (no one's figure, really) should not be in a spot where the light doesn't reach it. 

Ah well. What can you do? Sadly, I didn't have $900 to take it home and display it with more reverence. 

If you go to their website and look to buy poor Archie, you can't see his face because all the pictures they take for the gallery website shots are straight on. Archie is looking upward in his pose, so their picture (not shown) is a great portait of his chin. Maybe Archie just wouldn't stand still for them. He can be fickle.

And that was my Sunday. Two hour drive west, less than two hours looking at art, then another two hour drive home.

The show runs until July. I encourage you to see pieces in person. 

I actually have another show coming up in two weeks. This one isn't in a gallery, but rather at a large event, and my pieces will be part of the display at the opening night party. More on that soon *wink*. 




ShellHawk's picture

I'm so happy for you that you're being featured in a gallery! You totally deserve it.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Shell :) It's certainly a new experience (weird but fun). Glad I made the effort to drive out to see it. 

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