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Every Walker and How They Died on Walking Dead

on December 6, 2012 - 9:56am

You might have seen this image in the National Post and thought "Oh look, a rainbow skull! How pretty!". But if you looked closer, you'd realize it was made up of tiny zombies. Not just any zombies, but Walking Dead zombies. Every single one that's been killed through the entire show so far on screen.

Scroll down further, and you see a close-up of each one, labeled with who killed them and what weapon they used.

And why the different colours? Why, they are colour-coded of course, by season and whether they are male or female.


"While AMC lets The Walking Dead gang take a short mid-season break – the Post’s Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson look at a few of the key statistics of two-and-a-half season’s worth of undead mayhem. They find noteworthy – the gradual increase in the body count, the increasingly creative means of Zombie dispatch, and the fact that every character seems to have developed a clear enjoyment for putting the ambulatory cadavers down for good."

Check it out for yourself because you have to see the entire publication to appreciate the...obsessiveness? insanity? precision? cornucopia of corpse killing? It's everything you want to know and more. 347 deaths cataloged, color coded and illustrated for your enjoyment. 


Alison's picture

Well that's creative. Who says zombies are going the boring way of the vampire eh!


Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

...where have you been, girl? We can't get our GhoulFriday fix if you aren't posting delightful new creations:)

Ghoul Friday's picture

I am back! I am here! *waves arms in the air*

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