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Halloween Party 1953 Style

on November 8, 2012 - 1:50pm

I love this video and how into Halloween the father is. If it had been of my family when I was a child, the scenes would have been "Here comes Dad, and boy is he furious everyone is making a mess in the living room and blocking the tv. 'Shoo!' he says."

The dog part is pretty accurate though.


Andrew's picture

Theme for your next halloween party?

Scary Jerry's picture

I love these retro films but I've never seen a Halloween one. WOW. Very awesome. Thank you for sharing!

Scary Jerry's picture

Love these old retro films!!! Where do find such awesome stuff? Thank you for sharing!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Andrew: It's tempting.

Scary J: For this one, someone I follow on twitter mentioned it ;) But having a ridiculous amount of blog reader subscriptions helps!

Alison's picture

Ever wonder if life was really that innocent looking? I kept expecting Jason Voorhees to pop out and start making sushi of everyone. LOL!

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