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I Think I Blacked Out

on October 29, 2012 - 3:51pm

Missed posting Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was work and then prepping for my party, and Sunday was prepping then hosting my party. 

October has gone by fast, but I think I traveled the speed of light yesterday to arrive here, Monday afternoon.

I've spent the morning dismantling part of the party decor (Monkey Boo couldn't find her way in and out of the curtained red room very well), and the afternoon was dedicated to snuggling on the couch with the pup.

I'm exhausted. 

Everyone seemed to have a nice time. No huge recipe fiascoes. Decorations came together as expected. Overall, it was a successful gathering.

There are pictures to share. And I will share them. I promise. 

But tomorrow.

The rest of the day is earmarked for putting away dishes, more snuggling with the dog, eating leftover fancy doughnuts from last night, and watching Halloween television or movies.

With the weather being what it is, I'm grateful I'm not one of the countless yard haunters who are weeping into their spiced pumpkin lattes with these storm systems slowly moving through. I know a lot of folks decided to cancel their display completely, while others have scaled back. I feel for them.

The good thing about decorating indoors is when a storm hits, the only thing I worry about is whether or not I have wood for the fireplace. And milk for my coffee.

Stay dry, folks! 


Kelly's picture

Hope you had a great time! I wonder each year for my haunt and party why I put myself under so much stress lol.

Alison's picture

I like your disaster abode. Just the ticket. Glad to hear most folks got through it all okay.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Kelly: It was great. Tried to get as much done ahead of time but you know you always end up running around despite best efforts. 

Alison: I like storms anyway, but having a cozy spot to hang out in makes it even better :)

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