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Halloween Party Food Preparation Tip

on October 26, 2012 - 2:31pm

It's Halloween party weekend for many of us. I can feel the anxiety from here, rising like steam from party hosts.

If, like me, you like to make most of the food you serve at parties (or, also like me, you can't afford to have it catered), do yourself a favor and prepare as much of it as you can before the day of the party. 

Many foods like soups and chilies freeze wonderfully, so make them early. 

Prep for dish ingredients - chopping, roasting, grating, etc - can also be done ahead of time, ready to be assembled on the day. 

I put a list of items I'm making on the fridge with 3 columns: prepped, made, served. If dishes have more than one component (for example, herb butter for a squash soup, or homemade dip with vegetables), I list them together. This helps prevent the last minute "I forgot to make the salsa for the nacho dip!" or even worse, you forget to bring out part of the dish when serving. 

As I go along, I add a check mark to each column.

Honestly, this is a life saver. It also is handy for anyone who is helping you serve. They can look at the list and know how many things they should be looking for.

Doing a lot of work beforehand means doing considerably less work on the day of the party. Plus, you are less likely to end up stuck in the kitchen while your guests are there. It's YOUR party. You deserve to have fun too.

I've been cooking since 9:30 this morning (it's 2:22 pm now). I haven't even started cleaning the house, and I am exhausted! I could only imagine the mess I'd be in if I left this for the day of my Halloween gathering. 

I also find a nice Pumpkin Ale is a good way to pace yourself while preparing. I'm sipping one from Great Lakes Brewery now as my reward for having two soups finished, components for it done, and another dish-prep started. 

I'm thinking the whole cleaning plan may have to wait until tomorrow after work unless Yetch helps me out tonight. 

Good luck to all you lovelies throwing parties this weekend. Have fun, be safe. 

I'll try to post some more decoration pictures later today. 



P.E.'s picture

I'm the same way! I try to get most of it done before the actual event as I really don't multitask as well as I used to. I like the checklist idea cause I hate going to all the trouble of preparing something and then forgetting to put it out! It never goes to waste, of course, but still.

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