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Laura Palmer Wall Decoration

on October 25, 2012 - 11:03am

"She's dead. Wrapped in plastic." 

It's got to be one of my favourite movie lines of all time. Mainly because of the way it's delivered.

While I am steering away from miscellaneous Twin Peaks references and imagery and focusing on the Black Lodge elements, I knew from the start I probably should include Laura Palmer's death in some way. It's a major part of the overall plot of the series, but it also is integral to the Black Lodge storyline. 

When I realized I had one big blank spot left on a wall in the living room. I decided to come up with something that represented - directly - the death of Laura Palmer. 

I'd toyed earlier with wrapping up my mannequin torso in plastic, putting a blonde wig on her and having an actual wrapped up corpse in the room but it didn't go with the overall feel of the decorations and symbolism I've been using. 

I thought it would look kinda...blatant, crude and clumsy against the other decorations.

Instead, I came up with my...I don't know what to call it...Laura Palmer wreath? It's about 2 feet around.

It turned out nicer than I thought it would. 

So, how did I make it? 


I printed out an image of Laura and taped it to a piece of black poster board. I cut strips of plastic window insulation, loosely rolled them, and stuck them down with hot glue, circling the picture. 

May I mention here that if you do something similar, wear gloves. The hot glue (not craft glue guns, but proper hot glue gun) melts the plastic in places. Makes for a good effect, but also raises painful blisters should you get it on your fingers (which I did). 

Once I was happy with my vortex of plastic, I cut away the extra paper backing. 

If I'd had more time and money, I think it would have looked cool in really large scale with a trailing plastic design to one side or both sides. 

One day perhaps. 


P.E.'s picture

Very cool! And you should check this out. It's the Black Lodge exhibit inspired by Twin Peaks as featured on

Ghoul Friday's picture

I JUST saw that on my blog feed this morning (though I still very much appreciate you letting me know about such exciting things). I think it's going to be a very abstract spin on the Black Lodge theme...more like Messed Up Stuff That David Lynch Might Like ;)

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