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Sculpture Progress For Black Lodge Theme

on October 20, 2012 - 12:08am

To simplify my life this Halloween, I picked a theme (Halloween in the Black Lodge - a Twin Peaks reference) that would not involve a lot of large scale prop building. There would only be one big one. Sounds simple, yes? I mean, I usually build numerous props for a theme, so one should be a breeze.

There's a statue seen in the Red Room/Black Lodge on the series.

A very famous statue.

In fact, one could argue besides David, the Thinker, and Atlas, it's probably the most recognizable sculpture ever made: Venus.

It's one thing to create something from your own imagination, or a symbol known by people. But I's freakin' Venus. Not only do I have NO experience sculpting humans (the closest I've come is my Witch in the Woods but she was a character, not a realistic sculpt), but I am not a famous master Roman sculptor!

I decided right from the start that I would NOT be aiming to recreate Venus. That would be stupid. And drive me to drink. 

Instead, I would aim for generic white sculpture of a woman with Roman qualities.

If you missed my last post, check it out first. 

Got it? Good. Now onto my current progress.

As you can see, the figure I used as my base is not shaped like a square-jawed, fleshed out woman. 

And the shape of the mannequin's face - specifically the nose and eye sockets/brow - make it even harder for accuracy.

I did build it up in areas (to get the jaw more square especially and also a broader, bigger nose. Also, lowered the brow/filled in the eye socket).

Then I used rolled/folded tinfoil to flesh out the hair (hot glued to the head) before covering it with paper mache strips. The plan is to put clay overtop.

Of course, I ran out of clay.

I have my fingers crossed that a cheaper clay will work for the wig part. I've already used a surprising amount to build up the facial features (which still need more work).

Nervous about the hair. Will let you know how it goes next week. Once my show on Sunday is over, it's full steam ahead for Halloween decor!


Mike Kendrick's picture

You and I are in the same boat. I've had a busy year, and knowing I wouldn't have as much time to focus on large-scale, time-intensive props, I opted for a theme that's more about overall atmosphere. Of course, the best laid plans rarely pan out, and I've still ended up going large scale in some of the rooms.

This is coming along great, though. With the limited experience I have in sculpting, I'd recommend Sculpey as a great material for doing faces. It's just pliable enough to get those little details nice and accurate. What are you using for the rest of it? Is it Sculpey already? I can't tell. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, either way.

Pam Morris's picture

hey, I think she's coming along nicely! thumbs up!

dave the dead's picture

just checking in and catching up on my blog reading....sounds busy, busy, busy in the great white north!


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