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Last Figures Before The Show

on October 16, 2012 - 11:05am

Time is stuck on fast forward. Days are busy. If I have free time, Yetch doesn't. If Yetch has free time...well, Yetch doesn't have free time. Not since...last winter?

I'm glad I decided to go with a more minimal (for me) party theme this year. I know it's really minimal when Yetch is having a work meeting online, turns his laptop around so people can see what I've done in the living room, and he's explaining how I "usually do much more" (ouch!). I also took advantage of using a number of store bought/classic decorations, to which he said "It looks nice, but it doesn't look like you" (double ouch!). The thing is, the theme doesn't lend itself to too many homemade props. I've barely had time to work on the bust I started (progress, yes, but not finished). 

I'm ALSO trying to get ready for my show on Sunday. Balancing this whole art vs party-theme-build is not easy. Plus there's that pesky business of day jobs. And Monkey Boos (I love my pup but sheesh!). And trying to have a bit of a life. And sleep. 

You know you've been busy when you run out of toilet paper, dishwasher soap and dog food all at once. 

I'm thinking next week is going to be crazy. I'll be like Halloween's answer to the Flash. Luckily, my calendar is clear on a few days where I can run around/sculpt like a mad woman. 

For now, here are the last of the figures I am going to get done before Sunday's show

I leave you now with promises of actual Halloween decor pictures, and a look at Drazen's awesome book that was delivered the other day. 



Marilyn (Seeing Things)'s picture

I love these guys, they would look perfect in my house at Halloween! Just the right combination of creep and cute. Love your blog, I must sit down with a cup of coffee, somewhere in the mad rush of Halloween prep, and do a thorough look see. Looks fantastic!

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