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Halloween in the Black Lodge

on October 10, 2012 - 7:14am


(picture from adaytimesinner on deviant art)

I had a grand theme planned for this year. Several large sculpting projects. One huge build. 

When September 1st hit, I realized I wasn't going to have the time or the budget to execute the plan this year (but maybe next year). As the start of September crept closer to mid-September, I started to panic. I couldn't decide on what to do. Finally I asked myself "if you could incorporate any theme into your Halloween party decor, just for your own enjoyment (as opposed to what I think would look really cool), what would it be?"

Well, THAT'S easy. Twin Peaks.


And just like that, this year's theme was decided.

I'm a big Twin Peaks fan. I would drop everything and run away with Agent Dale Cooper in a heartbeat. I've been to the real Twin Peaks (twice), sat in the real Double R Diner, and had coffee black as midnight on a moonless night with a plate of cherry pie.

I've refined the theme a bit, of course. I could do a general Twin Peaks party, but I wanted to stay true to the Halloween element. I'm designing the decor around the Black Lodge/White Lodge concept (for those who never watched the show, basically it's believed there are good and bad realms the spirit must to pass through, and where evil/goodness presides).

Everything in the main room is black or white (Lodge vs Lodge, Good vs Evil) with some silver/grey pieces (to show the in-between and the living world). No one will know what the symbolism is, but I will, and sometimes it's only important for the haunter to know the story behind the design because while the audience may not know the tale, they will appreciate the effect and the sense of consistency. 

It's also a good excuse to focus on owls (the owls are not what they seem).

And of course there will'll just have to wait and see.

p.s. if you've never seen Twin Peaks, you should remedy this. It's on right now. 


P.E.'s picture

I watched the whole series again last October leading up to Halloween. It was the perfect time of year! I wanted to do a Twin Peaks theme in my living room but only got round to buying lots of plaid blankets. Looking forward to seeing more shots of your theme!

Ghoul Friday's picture

"only got round to buying lots of plaid blankets" Ha! That's hilarious (and perfect). I'm resisting the urge to put a fish in a percolator. Trying to lean toward the black lodge element as much as possible (Bob, Owls, investigation, Laura's death, Windom Earle, etc) but it's very tempting to go classic Twin Peaks. :) 

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