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Who is Ghoul Friday?

I'm a Canadian artist living in Toronto, Ontario. When I'm not transforming my house into a ghoulish scene at Halloween, I'm creating mini-monsters for local shows in the city (and occasionally, for sale online).

But that's jumping to the end of the story. Here's the beginning...

It started when my mother let me spray paint a tombstone on the concrete wall of our basement for my Grade 4 Halloween party.

It was my first real Halloween party, and I wanted it to be great. I constructed a haunted house the length of the basement and lead people through dangling, slimy snakes hanging from the ceiling - just one example of the many forms and obstacles waiting for them in the shadow. I hadn't gotten over my fear of the dark, and I was deathly afraid of being in the basement alone (never mind with the lights off), but to make sure I could see well enough to safely guide each guest one by one through the haunted space, I sat alone in the pitch black basement for 20 minutes before the party goers even started to arrive.

That's when she was born, the little ghoul in the basement. Since then, she has come back to me every year, usually in late summer, ready to build creatures for Halloween. Sure, she's there throughout the other months, peeking through my eyes at the newest horror film being released, or tickling my neck so I turn to see the brochure for the Festival of Fear coming to the city.

But it's in August when she whispers "Is it time to sit in the dark?"

Yes Friday. It's time. What friends shall we create this year?


Annika's picture

Thanks a lot for this great ideas!! I'm a young women from Germany and searching for some scary subjects for my Halloween-party this year. Your Explanations are very useful. Some years ago, I'd made a mummy, some skulls and tombstones for a graveyard. The Mummy and the skulls I've made from pappmache like you- but your heads lokk much better. So I'll try in your turn this year!
Have a great Halloween!!! Thanks much!!

Greetings from Germany!

Confuzzled's picture

Thanks so much for these brilliant game ideas. I have searched lots of websites and these are definitely the best ones I have come across. Thanks

Diana's picture

Love, love, LOVE YOUR SITE!
I throw a Halloween party every year and searched online all morning before I found your site. I was very pleasantly surprised to find games that did not involve sticking your face in the water and that were very appropriate for adult parties.
Thanks so much and Happy Halloween!!

Nameless Minion's picture

Hey there, I hope you remember us. Are you on Twitter? All the best in the new year.
Michael and Lewelyn (from the harlequin sale)

Ghoul Friday's picture

of COURSE I know you :) I am on twitter

Happy New Year to you too!

pkb's picture

Though I know it refers to something altogether different, playfully derived from 'Robinson Crusoe' and all that, the name Ghoul Friday puts me in mind of Casual Friday or Aloha Shirt Friday. I think we'd all be better off if business offices designated a Ghoul Friday where everyone dressed as a bogey, boogeyman, haint, spook, bugbear, goblin, phantasm, specter, or spook for the day. But maybe that's just me.

Ghoul Friday's picture

I share in your dream. You draw up the petition & I'll sign ;)

pkb's picture

Maybe you've already seen Tom Banwell's site, but if not, check it out. He has some plague doctor masks that you might find inspiring. Sure makes me want to take up resin and leather work.

Minion #13's picture

Just found you and I love it! Keep posting and I will share my page when its finished.

A Minion Named Misty's picture

You, my friend are my idol! I'm getting ready to have my 4th Annual Halloween bash! I am always looking for ideas to steal and your website is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much - will keep checking in frequently. You have such an imagination!


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