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FanExpo Art and Autograph

on August 28, 2012 - 11:52am

I'm finding more and more each year that I spend most (if not all) my shopping time (and money) in Artist Alley at FanExpo. A lot of people have echoed this statement. If you're looking for Bazinga t-shirts and Doctor Who figures, the retail section is for you. But really, despite Artist Alley being shuffled around and organized like an afterthought, it's the place to go to find unique and cool items (just be prepared to wade through the mishmash of genres and levels of professionalism). 

This year I picked up a They Live print from Andrew Barr who always has a table nearby with Leigh Young. It was this print that I took to have John Carpenter sign. It's the first time I paid for an autograph in all the years I've attended the convention. Max Brooks, Guillermo Del Toro, House of Frightenstein folks: all free and lovely to chat with in years past. Mr. Carpenter was...there to sign autographs. Period. And that pretty much sums up our meeting. Though he did manage an initial smile when he shook my hand, and then was curious who the illustrator was for the image (luckily Andrew was behind me in line so I could point him out). But that was it. Yeah, yeah, we all love Jack Burton. Thanks for the $40, now step aside and quit with the small talk.  

I also picked up an original piece by Emily Thomas of Mummy's Little Monster. Emily does pinup/tattoo/lowbrow/rockabilly horror type illustration mainly - which I love - but this little framed watercolour skull spoke to me. I think I was most excited about having an original from her vs picking up one of her rockin' prints. 

Besides that, I have little to tell you about. Celebrity spotting included John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) who is more buff in person than on tv (I was hypnotized by the thickness of his neck), and if you think he's good looking then you would appreciate the ruggedness he has in person that gets lost on screen; Gillian Anderson surprised me by being blonde (apparently her natural colour) and busty (big cleavage for the fan photo ops. Giving back to the fans!); Nelson Ellis (Lafayette on True Blood) was easily best dressed on the day I saw him. Shame I've had to stop watching the show since it's possibly the worst thing on television next to reality tv. And I'm convinced Christopher Lloyd is Polkaroo (or the originally elusive Mr. Snuffleupagus for those who didn't watch Polka Dot Door), since he was NEVER at his table despite there being lineups. The cast members of Walking Dead seemed to come in costume. And Jamie Bamber (Apollo in BSG) had crazy blonde highlights, hopefully for a movie he's in. Stan Lee - who seems to sneak an appearance or image of himself into everything these days - hid behind banners so no passerby could take his picture. If he's afraid of overexposure, we're waaaay past that point now, Stan.

The rest was a haze. And I am glad to be back to normal life.


Leigh's picture

Barrowman is quite the looker, isn't he? TV doesn't do him justice.

Ghoul Friday's picture

I was surprised. I thought he was "pretty boy" handsome on screen (not my favourite) but in real life he's pretty darn smokin in a "check out my big hands and strong neck" manly man sorta way. I almost thought "hmmm....maybe I DO want a John Barrowman signature afterall" ;)

The Frog Queen's picture

I really avoid signatures at conventions.....I am really trying not to have to do these at WCHC - but I know they are important. I wish I could say I was surprised.....sorry to hear that. But it is what it is....and Barrowman is beautiful :)


Ghoul Friday's picture

Normally I avoid it too, but I couldn't resist John Carpenter. Somewhat regretted not getting Wes Craven's autograph when he was at the convention one year, so I bit the bullet. It could have been a worse interaction (from the stories I've heard from other people and their experiences with certain celebrities). He wasn't exceptionally rude to me. know. I think if you are going to hose a fan - a fan that has spent money for years supporting your movies - just for a signature, then you should pretend to be happy for 20 seconds (even if you're having a bad day or not feeling great). I mean, I talk to a LOT of people at the convention at my table. Even people who don't buy anything but are interested in my work. And even if I'm exhausted, I make the effort to give them my full attention with a smile.

Have a blast at WCHC!


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