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FanExpo Fatigue and Follow-Up

on August 28, 2012 - 10:37am

 I have finally gotten a chance to add all of the new minions (well, all the minions that have been photographed) to the Art Ghoullery section with their stories. 

It was a weird convention experience for me this year. They changed the layout - again - so much that I had people saying they  had the hardest time finding Artist Alley (never mind my actual table). And since our creepy coven of artists were hidden in the far back corner, people who like horror (or Halloweenish things) usually turned down the main aisle before getting near us (since there was a sea of anime items close by that gave the impression that's all there was).

Some didn't find us until the last day.

Others just could not find us at all.

On that note, the first thing I want to do is thank the small army of people who made the effort to find me (and who keep coming back to say hi year after year) and add to their Ghoul Friday collections. 

Collections. Can you believe it? I think that's the coolest thing. The word kept coming up over and over. I feel like I owe people flowers and thank you cards. 

I'm exhausted. 

Despite the location and overall weird vibe of the show this year, I sold out of my carnivorous plants, pumpkin sets and Halloween in a Jar pieces. Over a dozen minions and some Dark Dwellers have found new homes. At some point I need to post pictures of the new Plague Doctors. But not today. 


Leigh's picture

I just posted my wrap-up too. It's one way to avoid work for a few minutes. Glad you sold so much!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Leigh. Luckily Sunday picked up and moved a number of pieces but it still wasn't half as busy as last year at the table...or in the row. I'm hoping we end up being in line with the end-aisle (second last to the back of the convention for the main section) next year like the row behind I was. When the masses were crowding, the wave was pushed right down their path.

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