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Little Minions: Maggie

on July 20, 2012 - 12:45pm

Maggie speaks in a language that sounds like squirrel-jibberish to me. Her voice is soft, friendly, and not too high but definitely feminine.

She wears a scarf to keep her unruly hair - with bangs that grow down the middle of her face - in place on windy days (and even not-so-windy days). 

She chatters and chitters as she walks along, collecting items for her daily craft project: some beach glass, a bit of long grass, perhaps some feathers left behind from a passing robin. For good measure, she gathers some dandelion for afternoon tea, and perhaps the petals can be used in her creation as well. 

She doesn't usually plan ahead when it comes to her crafting. Often, she decides what to make once she's gotten her inventory home and spread out on the kitchen table. Besides, the final product isn't what's important, rather the journey to get there. When she looks at the birdhouse made from sticks and seashells, she sees a day at the beach well spent with a friend and a picnic lunch. As she uses the pot holder made from woven grasses, she smiles at the memory of almost losing her sandal in the pond as she plucked the long blades free.

Her creations are memories materialized. And isn't that a lovely way to decorate. 

This figure is approximately 4.5 inches tall.


Ali's picture

I think Maggie is my favourite of your minions. Those eyes!


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