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Halloween in a Jar

on July 19, 2012 - 3:00am


I've tossed this idea around for a long time, and finally sat down to put it together. I think it's pretty cute.

I wanted to put together very simple sculpture displays in jars. I've started with a group of ghosts (below) and a family of owls in a nest (left). 

I like the idea of having Halloween sitting on a shelf like a preserve, just as you would with peaches or other summer fruits that remind you of warmer days during the winter. 

I'm going to make a pumpkin one as well, and bring all three to my next convention to see how people respond to them. Perhaps I'll make an entire series for the fall if folks respond well. We'll see. 

What do you think?



Paul Clinton's picture

I love the ghosts... some Spook preserves? ;) PC

Alison's picture

Love the idea! The owls are very very cute. What about trying small cheesecloth ghosts?

Mrs. Cooter's picture

you got there. I love these...I especially like your owls.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks gang ;) Alison: I suppose I could try it. Might wait until the "off season" to experiment.

HayBudden's picture

Preserved Halloween, terrific idea and the possibilities are endless. All kinds of spooky foresty (yeah, it's a word), swampy and graveyard scenes come to mind. Love it.

Ali's picture

I'm going to have to Pin this and add it to Grumble Bug. Owls! I love anything do with owls. I bet your scenes in a jar sell quick too.


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