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Little Minion: Pilch

on July 11, 2012 - 10:44am

Pilch looks forward to the Autumn Festival every year.

He tends to his small garden at the edge of the river with a devotion only true green-thumbs can appreciate. He dotes on all his plants, but he's especially fond of his pumpkin patch which is responsible for producing all the pumpkins to decorate the festival. 

At night, he'll tie a copper plate to his head with a lit candle perched on top to help him work by moonlight in his beloved garden, polishing the pumpkins, weeding, shooing away any little critters who might mistake his masterpieces for a midnight snack. 

This figure is approximately 8 inches tall.


Ali's picture

Ties a candle to his head? Now that's dedication.

Ghoul Friday's picture

lol See? I said he was dedicated. 

Mrs. Cooter's picture

I love your work as you know... but I really like this guy.... dedicated to the well being of pumpkins...

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Nancy ;) I'm fond of his love for pumpkins as well ;)

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