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Dark Dwellers: Hoggart & Reptare

on July 10, 2012 - 10:16am

I've been so busy getting ready for shows that I've forgotten to post any of my finished creations. Now that Scarefest is finished I can concentrate on preparing for FanExpo/Festival of Fear in August. 

I was able to complete my creature bio journal beforehand which was no easy task. I purchased a gorgeous journal with a raised silver design on the cover. In it, I placed more than 40 photos and hand wrote an equal amount of short bios, one for each of my Minions and Dark Dwellers. I wanted to create a sort of portfolio that felt more like something you might stumble across in an attic.

The fact that it took hours upon hours to complete, and it turned out so well, and it's a rather expensive journal to begin with, I'm actually a bit concerned someone might walk off with it at the bigger shows/conventions when the place is packed. I'm going to have to devise a tie down of some sort just for piece of mind. 

In this book you'll find some of my new figures, including these two.


First is Hoggart, a greed demon who takes whatever a person covets most. 

He may even influence outcomes to ensure what we crave is finally within our hands only to have the satisfaction of taking it from us, and devouring it.


Next is Reptare. A cowardly scoundrel, he sneaks into houses ot theatres or any dimly lit room, breathing in our happiness, sucking our self confidence from us, literally inhaling our motivation until we left feeling suddenly tired or slightly depressed. 



ShellHawk's picture

I love looking at your new creatures!
Glad to see you're busy and have shows to prep for, too! And with a new little puppy, to boot. You're a rock star, G.F.!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Shell! Yup, as you know, it's not easy getting anything done with a pup around. Just like with a baby, you work as fast as you can while they sleep ;)

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