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Lemons into Haunted Lemonade

on June 18, 2012 - 9:43am


I have some news regarding Scarefest I want to share with you. I mentioned recently that I would be a vendor at Scarefest, a backyard BBQ Haunter Tradition for many years in Ontario. This year the organizer arranged a park space so even more haunters and vendors could attend. It was the next step in evolution for the beloved event which continues to grow.

The City of Vaughn (where the park is) contacted the organizer after they received an anonymous complaint regarding Scarefest:

"This individual who called in took the time to educate the Municipal Officials on our Scarefest web site, pointed out how many vendors we had attending and what they were being charged for a booth, inquired if we had all the proper permits for the park, and asked how all the residents in the neighborhood would feel about all the additional cars on the street." (You can read the full story on Facebook).

So some random person who may not even LIVE in the area took a lot of time to familiarize themselves with the event that is mainly promoted through Haunter sites (which makes me wonder if they were a Haunter or in the local scene which makes my stomach turn), and then tried to shut it down using their knowledge of event planning and fear of crowded streets.

After a meeting between Chris and the officials, it was decided that not only was the complaint completely unfounded, but they offered a new venue - a community centre arena that holds 700 people, with a park, full washrooms, electrical supply for vendors, and air conditioning - at no extra cost. There's even a huge parking lot for visitors and the hearse club.

You can find us on July 7 th in the 18,000 sq. ft. Garnet A. Williams Community Centre 501 Clark Ave. West (just West of Yonge Street, close to the 407 and Hwy 7) Thornhill, Ontario.

Whomever wanted the event cancelled managed to get the whole thing upgraded instead.

While part of me is disappointed we won't have the same outdoor/festival feel, myself and my artwork would like to thank the anonymous complainer since we both hate squelching heat (and possibly pouring rain). Monkey Boo, however, is annoyed she can no longer attend (she was going to hang out with Yetch and a bunch of chew toys for part of the day at my booth).


Ali's picture

I see this as a good thing. While an outdoor venue is great and sets a great vibe for an event, having it indoors will as you say give the weather the finger. And allow a wider scope for both the exhibitors and the public. Hope all goes great on the day, wish I could be there and poor Monkey.

Oh and you'll be safer in the event of the sudden outbreak of the much anticipated Zombie Apocalypse. I mean, if it got right down to it, you could crank up the air con and freeze the mothers to a standstill.

ShellHawk's picture

So nice that when someone intends to throw a wrench in the works, sometimes that wrench gets spit back out at them!

Glad to hear of your posh, zombie-safe upgrade! Have a great time, and I wish you lots of sales!

halloween spirit's picture

I love it when plans backfire on negative people! At least this way, you're guaranteed to remain dry and sunburn-free. :)

dave the dead's picture

I was all ready to start a tirade on how crappy it is thatpeople like to mess with things they don't understand and how haunters are the best people on earth....and then I got to the good part about your upgraded accomodations. Hope all goes well and everyone has a great time!

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