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Mortigan the Dead Catcher

on May 8, 2012 - 11:16am

Introducing Mortigan the Dead Catcher. And now, for his story...

The Eldwich Hollow Cemetery is a quiet place on most nights. The fog rolls through the dense brush at the edge of the treeline bordering the crumbling rock wall. It slips through the corroded gates, slithers around the weeping angels and other concrete mourners decorating the gravesites. It's almost peaceful.

On most nights.

Mortigan is the cemetery caretaker. As was his father before him, and his grandfather before him. No one is quite sure how many of Mortigan's ancestors have watched over the dead, but they do know they are thankful not to belong to the family line. There' isn't a man or woman who would want Mortigan's responsibilities.

For beyond the usual grounds keeping and grave digging, Mortigan provides a more vital role to the well-being of the villagers. 

Once every few months, when the stars are aligned, and the air is chilled and thick, one or two beings who were put to their eternal rest will rise from slumber. They claw through the earth and begin a shambling course toward the village to satisfy their hunger or seek revenge on those who may have wronged them while they were alive. 

They aren't difficult to capture. Slow moving and slow witted, one need only be mindful of their bite (a lesson Mortigan learned as an overconfident youth, his arrogance and sloppiness causing the loss of his left hand, replaced with a rusted hook which serves as a reminder to remain diligent when casting his net). 

Mortigan accepts his role but does not concern himself with continuing the family tradition by producing a child (not that any of the women in Eldwich are keen to volunteer to help in this matter). A drafty cottage - more like a shack - with a tattered mattress and leaky roof is no way to show appreciation for performance of his duties. He will continue to make his ancestors proud in his tasks, and as for the villagers with their stinginess and silent distaste of him? Well, they'll have to nominate a new family to carry on as the Dead Catcher.

And they best do so before Mortigan's passing, and his inevitable death stroll to seek his revenge on them.

The figure is 12" tall.


Bloody Melly's picture

he is so cooool!!!!!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Mel :) It was fun to corpse a tiny skeleton.

Cooter's picture

One of my new favs ... great job!

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

Mortigan has that emotionless look of one who is resigned to the thankless job at hand and keeps plugging away at it because it's what he's supposed to do. The dead guy has that "dammit, he got me" look that is priceless.

dave the dead's picture

Glad to know Mortigan is out there, but feel a bit bad for him. Why is it that the civil servants with the dirty jobs hardly ever get the recognition they so justly deserve? I agree with the above comments on expression...poor Mortigan's lack of expression compared to the relative over-exaggeration of expression by the corpse is a great mix.
well done Ghoul!

Ghoul Friday's picture

Yetch was kind of confused about his ho hum expression until I shared the story with him. I wanted Mortigan to look like a man run down in the same job. Glad I got that across!

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