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Little Minions: Montague

on April 24, 2012 - 3:30pm

I'm not sure how well Monty falls under the category of Little Minions considering he's 12" tall.

And with his boisterous personality, there really is nothing small about him. 

Montague, Master of the Lesser Demons, charmer of Sirens, and hero of hellions. 

No one can conjure a fireball faster, a curse coarser, or a nightmare...nightmarier. 

Despite being a creature of evil and all things unpleasant, Monty is oddly likeable.

Sure, he's bound to torture you without pity but yet you find yourself unable to deny part of you hope it ends in friendship.

Even as you pray the searing pain he's inflicting - so unimaginable it could only exist in a godless world - will end, you're also wondering if he'd come to the barbeque you're planning for next weekend. 

And really, isn't that the Devil's true trick? He does terrible things and will ruin your life, but man he's fun to be around. 




dave the dead's picture

Love the eyes on this one! Seems like he would have a deep booming voice and a constant smell of sulphur on his breath.

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